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We need a TV station that reports on stuff like nurses and hospital miracles, strangers’ acts of heroism, or political initiatives to actually fix global issues.

Imagine only watching shows that profile people like teachers, artists, or business owners who dedicate their lives to help local communities, police men that have a track record of great leadership and saving people from harm, or amazing humanitarian efforts like seeing eye dog programs and veteran caretakers.

Over dinner we could learn about breakthroughs in alternative energy technology, in cancer research, and in mental disorder treatment. We could witness awe-inspiring programming that could actually reinforce the idea that humans can in fact coexist! 

I understand that an awareness of horrible events in our world and the underlying issues causing them is necessary. It would be ignorant, disrespectful to lives lost, and careless to say otherwise.

We have a collective choice to make as humans for future generations. Think of all the little 5 year old kids out there in the world sitting with their family…watching an endless loop of terror, war, and hate…kids that are being raised in an environment dominated by fear-driven media, further perpetuating the mission of those who set out to instill fear in the first place.

We can certainly choose to just keep watching idly.

Or…we can choose to watch that other news station…

We can work on ourselves from the inside out, so that our children, while aware of the negative, can also grow into a sense of gratitude for the good, so that they may look up to the real life heroes they saw on TV, and help shape a world where in 100 years we can coexist on this rock, miraculously floating in the middle of nothing.

I'm Dan Schwartz. I enjoy long walks, constant personal growth, and creating things that help myself and others realize the mental state of true freedom. Read more about me at

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