Passion: What you would do if you had a billion dollars…

“Find your passion!”

This tidbit of advice has been circulated through generations. We’ve heard it over and over, yet I feel most people are still unsure what it truly means to them. It can be a bit of a vague abstraction, and we’ve become perplexed at how to truly realize this idyllic state we know as “passion.” I’ve always had hunches of my passion, often times the things I gravitate to when I’m bored, like music, technology, entrepreneurship, travel…still quite vague.

While listening to a James Altucher podcast episode with billionaire baller Naveen Jain, I extracted a great little nugget that got me thinking, and I’m confident this exercise can help you hone in on your own unique version of passion.

The concept is simple: Assume you have everything you could possibly desire…vast wealth, material possessions, physically fit, loved by all…THEN what would you do??? If you no longer had to worry about grinding it out to make money and get by, what would you really do with your billion dollars? Maybe it’s a cause you believe in? Or a hobby? Or the pursuit of being the best in the world at something?

I find this exercise incredibly helpful, because it sheds the baggage our culture has burdened us with, and allows us to focus on our actual higher level human desires…things like creativity, unity, philanthropy, problem solving. The idea is that whatever you would do is exactly what you should be doing right now. That is your true purpose, your passion, your calling…And if you were to start with pursuing that passion, it would actually lead to the accumulation of this wealth and well-being.

Interesting formula right!?

Really put yourself in the mindset…close your eyes and imagine you had it all…the house, the friends, the car, the fame, the money. Assume you just got back from an epic trip or something on a Sunday, and you wake up on Monday morning. Sunlight pours into your villa. You have nothing on your calendar. What are you going to do??

I love doing this exercise in general because it’s a great visualization tool, and it will constantly change as your tastes and goals evolve. It also helped me internalize the things I do truly care about. It helped be expand upon the things I already knew. For me, I would learn about developing technology that helps people and enables freedom, I’d produce music that I personally enjoy (as opposed to making music I assume others would like), I’d focus on cultivating my relationships and being with family, and brainstorm ways to solve big problems we face, like education, wealth distribution, alternative energy, and multi-planetary existence. I’d meet cool people doing interesting things, teach kids about entrepreneurship, and see the world in style. All of these things sound awesome to me, and I’m grateful to actually be pursuing a lot of these things already. Doing this exercise and diving deep certainly gave me more clarity into what my passions actually are. They don’t need to be definitive…just a bullet point list like that is an admirable start to finding your passion.

What’s your passion!? What’s stopping you from doing this RIGHT NOW? I’d love to hear from you, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on the social webz! I’ll leave you with this clip from one of my favorite movies, Office Space.

I'm Dan Schwartz. I enjoy long walks, constant personal growth, and creating things that help myself and others realize the mental state of true freedom. Read more about me at

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