What I’m Doing Now

*Updated June 1st*

Preface: Since leaving Baltimore back in March, I’ve definitely been missing all my homies, family, and close friends and Flockers back in MD. After attending one of my best friends bachelor parties the other weekend, it felt like no time at all had passed and we were right back in it together. It had been at least 4 years…I realized that all the close relationships in life truly are a tangible piece of you, despite the passing of time. I wouldn’t trade in any of those pieces for anything. You know who you are. I’m with you all always, in spirit and mind! So here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Family: Just had the pleasure of watching my little cousin Abbey graduate from SUNY Binghamton! It was great to see her and my immediate and extended Schwartz-side family all in one place! I also recently visited my Aunt Ava down in Tampa in her new bay-front condo…quite swanky Aunt Ava! Had a great time catching up with her and seeing the sights and sounds of Tampa.
  • Business:
    • has been launched publicly (check the new site), and at this point is my full time baby. We’ve got incredible traction, growing every day, have a 10 person staff, and it’s my goal to make it the standard platform for real estate investors to help manage their business. We’ve also got some more products on our roadmap for the future. Right now my main focus is marketing, innovating the product further, branding, and getting the word out about how awesome we are 🙂 The challenge of growing a company like this has been very rewarding…I’m hooked and can’t wait to see where the next dot will lead us.
    • I haven’t announced this publicly yet, but this year I decided we’re giving away 10% of our profits. We’re looking for an organization that resonates with the mission that kids and young folk from any economic background can access resources for them to learn about entrepreneurship, taking responsibility to shape a better future for themselves and the world. If anyone knows of any groups related to this mission, please let me know! I’m determined to reverse the whole “greedy investors” stigma and allow our company and our customers to contribute to a cause much that’s much bigger and more important than us.
    • Real estate: My father is about 3/4ths done the rehab we bought earlier this year in Baltimore. We’re so close to the finished product and I’m proud of Pops for taking the charge on the whole project despite some ups and downs recently. I’m also partnering and consulting with other investors, mainly on the marketing side.
  • Location: I’m in straight nomad mode and completely in my element…I’m currently posted up in Los Angeles after being in Austin for about 6 weeks (with a trip to Florida and NY for my cousin’s graduation thrown in there). Really just trying to spend as much time outside as possible. I’ll be headed back home to Baltimore on June 9th for one of my best friends’ weddings, and then immediately headed to Barcelona for a conference. I got a one way ticket out there, so I’ll probably take the opportunity to explore Europe for at least a month before coming back likely to the west coast. First time in Europe!
  • Music: When I come back from Europe, It’s likely I’ll buy a new drum set and I plan on going into the studio…this Pigeon still has some coo left…more on that later 🙂

Going a little deeper/cheesier, as a daily practice it’s good to take account of everything you’ve got…so since it’s my 28th birthday, here’s some things I’m publicly grateful for at the start of year 28:

  • Clarity of vision for my life and biz.
  • Work is truly starting to feel like play now. Gotta love what you do!
  • Support of my family, friends, and new friends all over the world who trust in my leaps of faith 🙂
  • Freedom to travel and pursue personal growth and health
  • Surrounded by an amazing team at InvestorFuse that share in a vision that can be much bigger than us
  • Very adaptable to new environments and lifestyles
  • Completely open to new experiences, people, challenges, changes, and without expectations other than truly enjoying each day to the max, enjoying the present company I’m with without distraction, and making it a point to find beauty in the little things.

That’s basically what I’m working on now and where I’ll be these next few months, thanks for reading! Will update this in another few weeks, likely in Europe somewhere.

I’d love to hear what you’re up to as as well, so please hit me up and we can catchup!