I’m Dan Schwartz. I’m an entrepreneur, musician/drummer, learner, teacher, and dude that generally likes to challenge the traditional methods of living life…ways that may otherwise threaten the pursuit of freedom. I do my own thang. As do you I would hope! And if you don’t…I’ll show you how and why you can.

After college I decided to go the self-employed route by simply NOT applying to a single job. I thought what better way to escape the “rat race” than just to not ever get in it, right?? So I got into real estate investing/wholesaling houses while simultaneously playing drums in a nationally touring funk band.

I learned it doesn’t behoove you to have multiple careers…and if you do, choose the one that will best serve your ideal lifestyle. I left the band with the intent to create a business designed to serve others, which lead to the creation of InvestorFuse, a software product that helps other real estate investors make their life easier through technology. We’ve created an awesome community around this as well.

I’d like to share with you other things I’ve learned and give you some actionable tips on a variety of things. I’ll likely write about what interests me the most: Mindset/psychology, marketing, travel, health, and using technology to create more freedom in your life.

I don’t claim to be a “guru” or that I know everything…yet 😉 I am not perfect by any means and I’m continually seeking ways to improve myself.

Constant personal growth is the name of the game. You can take the information I share however you like, I just ask that you keep an open mind. I’ve made it my personal goal to help as many of my friends and followers become truly free in their lives.

It’s a good way to be and it’s a lot more fun if we’re all on the same page!

To your freedom!

-Dan Schwartz